Choosing the Correct Air-Conditioning And Heating Unit

Buying an air-conditioning and/or heating system is an expensive investment so you need to take your time in picking the right model. You also need to educate yourself regarding what factors to look for so you can make the right choice.

How to Buy an Air Conditioner

The following are the key considerations when shopping for an air conditioner:

1. Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured by the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) which is the ratio of the cooling capacity (BTU/hour) to the power input (watts). Efficient air conditioners have high SEERs and an increase of 1.0 on the SEER scale means an increase of 10% in energy efficiency.

Look for a unit with at least an SEER of 13 and it should have an Energy Star label, which indicates that it has passed the strict guidelines set by the US EPA and the Department of Energy for energy efficiency.

2. Size

The needed cooling capacity would depend on the size of the room. Most room air conditioners need anywhere from 5500 to 14000 BTU/hour. A common mistake that people make when looking for an air conditioner is that they buy one that is too big for the room thinking that the bigger it is, the better it can be in cooling their room. But this only wastes energy and makes the unit less effective. Here’s a table you can use as guide when it comes to the appropriate size of air conditioner to buy.

3. Other Factors Read more

What You Need to Know About Under Floor Warming Systems

Under floor warming, also referred to as under floor heating, is popular in places that are prone to very low temperatures at certain times of the year. Many homes in the United States have under floor warming systems to keep them warm and toasty during the winter season.  Many homes in San Diego have floor heating because the temperature can dip during the winter.

Types of Under Floor Heating Systems

With a radiant floor heating system, the floor functions as the heat emitter, heating the room from the floor up. This heating system can be divided into two types: water based and electric. The former uses water that is heated to a lower temperature compared to water central heating, making it suitable for use with solar water heaters and heat pumps. The temperature is controlled by mixing the pipe water with hot water from the boiler until it achieves the desired temperature and then distributed to various zones. Most water-based under floor warming systems will work with an existing boiler but some may require the installation of a higher rated pump as the back pressure of the central heating system may not be enough.

If you are only interested in heating a small area in your home, it may be better to use Read more

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San Diego Weather: Be Prepared For The Seasons

San Diego boasts of great weather all year round, enjoying an almost perfect climate even if other parts of the country have 12 inches of snow. In fact, the Koppen climate classification has labeled it a Mediterranean climate with a peak day time temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees at night during the summer months. Winter is rarely harsh in this part of the United States, with a peak of 66 degrees during the day and lows of 50F at night. San Diego weather is, in general, mild and sunny all through out the year. But of course, even a city which has been hailed as one of the US cities with the best weather can experience some unpleasant climate changes.

Here’s a quick run-down of the San Diego seasons: Read more

Winter Is Approaching. Stay Warm San Diego!

Winter is fast approaching and temperatures are currently dropping to a cool, comfortable chill. But soon we will be approaching freezing weather climates.

It’s time to bring out the your winter gear to prepare when you head out and get your indoor heater ready to keep you warm while in your home.

We are preparing San Diego homes for another record breaking winter season. So stay tuned for our winter offers from us, your Indoor Weather Company!