San Diego Weather: Be Prepared For The Seasons

San Diego boasts of great weather all year round, enjoying an almost perfect climate even if other parts of the country have 12 inches of snow. In fact, the Koppen climate classification has labeled it a Mediterranean climate with a peak day time temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees at night during the summer months. Winter is rarely harsh in this part of the United States, with a peak of 66 degrees during the day and lows of 50F at night. San Diego weather is, in general, mild and sunny all through out the year. But of course, even a city which has been hailed as one of the US cities with the best weather can experience some unpleasant climate changes.

Here’s a quick run-down of the San Diego seasons:


June through August are the peak months in the US and tourists flock to the city to enjoy all kinds of water activities like surfing and kayaking, see marvelous sights like the Seaport Village and the Carlsbad Flower Field, or attend the annual Comic Con in July. It rarely gets too hot here in the summer and it boasts of zero humidity. In fact, months could pass without any rain at all.


This season is pretty much like summer but every once in awhile the Santa Ana winds from the desert come which means the city will be enveloped in dry air, with temperatures reaching as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully this heat wave only lasts a couple of days. There’s also a higher chance of rain in the fall.


The weather during the months of November to February (or sometimes March) bring cooler temperatures during the day, sometimes going as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit but don’t expect it to last very long. In San Diego, November, January and February are some of the sunniest months of the year. If it rains, it usually occurs at night.


San Diego weather in the spring time can vary depending on your exact location. For example, if you’re at the beach, the weather may be gloomy but if you’re in the mountains, it may be a bit hot. We have this May Gray and June Gloom phenomenon, which is essentially a layer of clouds that burn off in the middle of the day in some parts of the city.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the beautiful weather in San Diego but the climate may change at any time. You’re lucky if you live here because you get more sun than most people in the country. But it’s still worth preparing for any extreme temperature changes. It can get very cold in January, reaching as low as 49 degrees Fahrenheit and it can get uncomfortably hot in August. Make sure your air-conditioning and heating equipment is working properly before summer and winter arrives. Get it serviced by a licensed HVAC company to keep your electric bill low and also to ensure that you and your loved ones are comfortable in your home regardless of the San Diego seasons.

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