What You Need to Know About Under Floor Warming Systems

Under floor warming, also referred to as under floor heating, is popular in places that are prone to very low temperatures at certain times of the year. Many homes in the United States have under floor warming systems to keep them warm and toasty during the winter season.  Many homes in San Diego have floor heating because the temperature can dip during the winter.

Types of Under Floor Heating Systems

With a radiant floor heating system, the floor functions as the heat emitter, heating the room from the floor up. This heating system can be divided into two types: water based and electric. The former uses water that is heated to a lower temperature compared to water central heating, making it suitable for use with solar water heaters and heat pumps. The temperature is controlled by mixing the pipe water with hot water from the boiler until it achieves the desired temperature and then distributed to various zones. Most water-based under floor warming systems will work with an existing boiler but some may require the installation of a higher rated pump as the back pressure of the central heating system may not be enough.

If you are only interested in heating a small area in your home, it may be better to use electric floor heating. These are powered by electric mats or cables built into the floor. Such type of under floor warming is best suited for homes that utilize forced air heating.

The heat source for both the electric and water based is located under the floor and there is a separate zone per room, allowing each zone to be controlled and heated independently.

There may be differences in how your under floor heating is installed based on the type of flooring you have.

Advantages of Under Floor Heating

  • Under floor warming systems produce radiant heat which is considered the most energy efficient and comfortable form of heating available. With radiant heating, you can stay warm while the air remains cool.
  • Next, this type of heating has been used for thousands of years. 2,000 years ago the Ancient Romans already understood the concept and used it to gently warm floor surfaces at low temperatures.
  • Conventional heating is wasteful, noisy and inconvenient. You have to deal with unsightly structures in your home and it intensely heats the room to the point that it can feel uncomfortable and stuffy. Under floor systems are invisible and do not require any ducts or vents. It is completely silent and will provide just the right temperature.
  • Under floor warming systems are ideal for people with allergies and asthma. It reduces the triggers by reducing the circulation of allergens that are airborne.
  • Finally, it’s eco-friendly because it produces very little gas emissions and it requires very little maintenance or cleaning. With some brands, you don’t even need to clean it at all.

If you want to install floor warmers in San Diego, make sure you pick the right contractor. They can recommend the best system for your home and their expert technicians can properly replace your old furnace with the most cost-efficient floor warmers based on your needs and budget.

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